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The Team

Who We Are

Lyndaine Demetilla


A firm believer in the power of feminine energy and a self-proclaimed “guanxi” master. She believes that digital assets are one of the most exciting innovations of this century with the potential to transform how we manage money. She’s currently the Chief of Staff at Asia's first and only fully-regulated digital securities exchange that serves retail investors. Lyndaine is also one of the founding mentors of an organization run by a team of female leaders and pioneers in the crypto industry.

Vivien Khoo


A female pioneer who led one of the world’s largest exchanges for crypto derivatives. Vivien’s career in crisis management has taken on a whole new meaning since she transitioned from her decade-long career in investment banking into crypto. An ardent sponsor of female leadership, she founded the Digital Female Leadership Network and SatoshiWomen, whose mission is to educate, inspire and empower women to gain equal access to, and unlock the potential and benefits of, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

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